Building Your StoryBrand

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Building Your StoryBrand by Mind Map: Building Your StoryBrand

1. Introduction

1.1. SP7 Framework

1.1.1. 1. Character = You Customer Is the Hero, Not Your Brand

1.1.2. 2. Has a Problems = Solutions to INTERNAL Problems Companies Sell External Problems Customers Buy INTERNAL Problems Story External Internal Philosophical

1.1.3. 3. Needs a GUIDE Customers Are Looking for a GUIDE, Not Another Hero

1.1.4. 4. Give Them a Plan Takes Away Confusion Types of Plan Agreement Process

1.1.5. 5. Call to Action Hero Must Be Challenged Direct Transitional

1.1.6. 6. Help Them Avoid Failure What's at Stake? COST of Not Doing Business With Us

1.1.7. 7. Ends in Success Offer a VISION of How GREAT Their Lives Will Be

2. Implementation

2.1. Better Website

2.1.1. Clear and effective Keep it simple Elevator Pitch

2.1.2. The Basics 1. Offer Above the Fold Short and Enticing Customer-Based 2. Obvious CTA Top Right Center of Screen Transitional CTA 3. IMAGES of Success Smiley People 4. Bitesize Breakdown of Revenue Streams Overall Umbrella Message that Unifies All Products 5. VERY FEW Words Brief. Punchy. Relevant.

2.2. Company Culture

2.2.1. Curse of Narrative Void No Plot = No Productivity

2.2.2. Serve Customers They LOVE

2.2.3. When MISSION Comes to Life

2.3. Five Things to Grow Your Business

2.3.1. 1. Create a One-Liner Clarify Your What to Include 1. Character 2. Problem 3. Plan 4. Success

2.3.2. 2. Lead Generator to Collect Email Addresses Goals Provide VALUE Position You as an AUTHORITY 1. Downloadable Guide 2. Online Course or Webinar 3. Software Demos or Free Trial 4. Free Samples 5. Live Events

2.3.3. 3. Automated Email Drip Campaign Nurturing Trust Reciprocity What to Include Offer and CTA Describe Problem PRODUCT that Solves Problem Life After Problem Solved CTA = Direct

2.3.4. 4. Collect Intel Stories of TRANSFORMATION Questionnaire 1. What Was the Problem You Were Having Before You Discovered Our Product? 2. What Did the Frustration Feel Like While You Were Trying to Solve the Problem? 3. What Was Different About Our Product? 4. Take us to the Moment When You Realized Our Product Was Actually Working to Solve Your Problem 5. Tell us What Life Looks Like Now That the Problem Is Solved/Being Solved

2.3.5. 5. Create System to Generate Referrals 1. Identify Current Ideal Customers 2. Give Customers a Reason to Spread the Word PDF or Video 3. Offer a Reward Affiliate Program 4. Automate the Work Any Customer Who Signs up for 1-2 Products

3. Your Brand Script

3.1. 1. Character

3.1.1. Your Customer Is the Hero

3.1.2. Define What Your Customer Wants Pair Down to a SINGLE Focus Simple and Relevant Relevant to Their (Sense of) SURVIVAL Sense of MEANING vs. Pleasure

3.1.3. Open a Story GAP

3.2. 2. Problem

3.2.1. The HOOK of the Story

3.2.2. Every Story Needs a VILLAIN 1. Should be a ROOT Source 2. Should Be Relatable 3. Should be SINGULAR 4. Should be REAL

3.2.3. 3 Levels of Conflict External Problems Physical, Tangible Problem Internal Problems Do I Have What It Takes! Philosophical Problems Why Does This Matter?

3.3. 3. Guide

3.3.1. Life Acts (Chapters) Every human being is on a TRANSFORMATIONAL journey Doorways of no return Parents divorce First crush Rejection

3.3.2. Every Hero Is Looking for a GUIDE How are you helping me win the day?

3.3.3. Always position your customer as the HERO and you as the GUIDE

3.3.4. Characteristics Empathy The guide understands the DILEMMA The guide expresses empathy Are you like me? Authority The guide has the AUTHORITY (Competence)

3.3.5. Questions Can I Trust this Person? Empathy Can I Respect this Person? Confidence

3.4. 4. Plan

3.4.1. Customers Trust a GUIDE Who Has a PLAN Creates CLARITY Remove Sense of Risk

3.4.2. Types of Plan Process Steps to Purchase Our Product Steps to Use the Product Agreement List All Things Customer May Worry About Alleviate Fears to Do Business With You Share Your Values With Your Customers

3.4.3. Title Your Plan! Increase Perceived Value

3.5. 5. Call to Action

3.5.1. Customers Do Not Take Action Unless They Are Challenged

3.5.2. BUY NOW button TOP RIGHT corner Above the fold and CENTER Again and again as people scroll down

3.5.3. CTA Direct Buy Now Schedule Appointment Call Today Transitional Free Webinar Downloadable PDF

3.5.4. Create RECIPROCITY

3.5.5. Position Yourself as the GUIDE

3.6. 6. Avoid Failure

3.6.1. What's at Stake? What's there to lose (if they don't get our products)? People hate to lose Loss Aversion Building Communication Theory A Fear Appeal Just a pinch of 'salt' (fear)

3.7. 7. Successful Ending

3.7.1. Where Is Your Brand Taking Your Customers? Share Your VISION for Their Lives

3.7.2. Happy Ending Should be SPECIFIC and CLEAR Before the Product After the Product

3.7.3. How to End a Story for Your Customer 1. What Life You Look Like Externally 2. How Resolution Will Make Them Feel 3. Why the Resolution to Their Problem Made World More Just Place to Live in

3.7.4. Closure and Satifaction 1. Hero Win a Power or Position Need for STATUS 2. Hero Is Unified with Someone/Something that Makes Them Whole External Help 3. Experience Self Realization that Also Makes Them Whole Desire for Self Acceptance

3.7.5. Closing the Story Loop Status Self Realization Self Acceptance Transcendence

3.8. Biggest Motivator

3.8.1. DESIRE to be/Become SOMEONE DIFFERENT Who do our customers want to become? What type of person do they want to be? What is their ASPIRATIONAL IDENTITY? IDENTITY TRANSFORMATION Who the Hero Has Become

3.8.2. People Want Your Brand to Participate in Their TRANSFORMATION Heroes are DESIGNED to TRANSFORM

3.8.3. Brands that participate in the IDENTIFY TRANSFORMATION of their customers create passionate brand evangelists