ghost of Christmas present

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ghost of Christmas present by Mind Map: ghost of Christmas present

1. ancient sheath was eaten up with his rust

1.1. rust- greed/money are eating away at religion and society, old age, how scrooges religious views have become rusty, can be cleaned

1.2. ancient sheath- symbol for religion protects society

2. scrooge entered timidly and hung his head before this spirit

2.1. adverb, timidly shows his fear or that he is shy or guilty and nervous about something

2.2. this- something special and different about this spirit, represents jesus going to church for confession

2.3. hung his head- immediately accepting he has done something wrong- guilt

3. spirits eyes were clear and kind, he did not like to meet them

3.1. scared as he knows he has done something wrong and scared of god and the outcome of his actions

3.2. clear and kind- jesus eyes described as being kind, he was a kind happy man

4. one simple deep green robe or mantle, bordered with white tar

4.1. white= connotations of heaven purity and goodness so if we are good and follow religious teachings society will thrive

4.2. represents society- green plants growth nutrition

5. on its head it wore no other covering than a holly wreath

5.1. jesus crucifixtion always depicted with a holy wreath on his head

5.2. symbolizes Christmas time and a symbol for love and importance of Christmas

6. curls were long and free

6.1. jesus was always depicted with long curls

7. its open hand

7.1. complete contrast to scrooge who was ''tight-fisted''

7.2. what we should be opposed to what scrooge is

7.3. jesus was always very generous