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1. Questions

1.1. Does using a number (IQ) to determine a person's intelligence unintentionally put limitations on what a person believes they are able to accomplish?

1.2. How can we use intelligence testing to make appropriate accommodation and modification to the curriculum/environment so students who struggle are able to be successful?

2. How children acquire intelligence

2.1. Genetics

2.1.1. processing speed

2.2. Parenting Behaviors

2.2.1. literacy promotion, amount of words spoken, vocabulary, routine reading

2.3. Experiences

2.3.1. stimulating preschool experience, early intervention, enrichment field trips (zoo, museums)

2.4. Environment

2.4.1. safe and supportive home, early nutrition, exposure to toxic substances

3. Definition

3.1. Ability to modify and adjust one's behavior (using prior knowledge) or adapt the environment in order to successfully accomplish a new task quickly and efficiently.

4. Components

4.1. ability to adapt behavior and environment, able to respond to a variety of situations and problems

4.2. cognitive ability and rate of learning

4.3. ability to use prior knowledge/experiences in response to different situations