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Zangief by Mind Map: Zangief

1. Anti-airs

1.1. cr.HP

1.1.1. 100/150

1.1.2. reset in front in to a mix up

1.1.3. Really useful for swatting players out of the air who spam neutral jumps when they're trapped in the corner, trying to avoid getting grabbed, as it hits quite far forward in the air

1.2. st.LP

1.2.1. 48/84

1.2.2. reset in front in to a mix up

1.2.3. Good for stuffing close jumps Especially useful for stopping a cornered opponent jumping out for free

1.3. Lariat

1.3.1. 130/200

1.3.2. Knockdown The anti-air KD leaves the opponent close allowing for oki Post buff I think lariat is the go to anti-air option in all cases I have come across so far

2. Key

2.1. 1 bar

2.2. 3 bars (CA)

2.3. Minus and Punishable

2.4. V-Trigger Activation

2.5. V-Trigger 1

2.6. V-Trigger 2

2.7. V-skill

2.8. Hits Overhead

2.9. Hits Low

2.10. Builds V meter

2.11. Builds EX meter

2.12. TC (target combo)

2.13. Cross Up

2.14. Command Normal

2.15. Negative

2.16. Positive

2.17. Don't use it - it's terrible

2.18. xx Cancel

2.19. Counter Hit

2.20. Crush Counter

2.21. Cancels into special

3. Combos

3.1. Hit confirms

3.1.1. cr.LK Hits Low cr.LP

3.1.2. Head butt st.LK xx Lariat cr.MK CA

3.1.3. st.HP xx V-Trigger 1 No hold xx V-Trigger 1 Maximum Hold

3.1.4. Iron muscle flex CA 410/100 Can be confirmed into CA on reaction

3.1.5. Knee hammer cr.LK xx Lariat

3.1.6. st.HK xx V-Trigger 2 Head butt

3.1.7. Head butt st.LK xx V-Trigger 2 HP SPD

3.2. Counter-hit confirms

3.2.1. Knee hammer cr.LK xx Lariat

3.2.2. Iron muscle flex cr.LP 96/183 Tiny bit of free damage on a counter hit V skill

3.3. Crush Counter Confirms

3.3.1. Full charged st.HP Dash HP SPD Point blank connect when you don't want to swap sides, otherwise use the Flying body press combo as it's damage optimal (the flying body press at close ranges causes a cross up side switch) st.HP xx V-Trigger 2 Jump in

3.3.2. st.HP st.HK You need to walk in slightly depending on the distance of connection, will convert at almost max range on the HP 192/300 xx V-Trigger 2 xx V-Trigger 2 st.LK

3.3.3. st.HK xx V-Trigger 2 EX Borscht dynamite xx V-Trigger 2 Flying head butt Point blank connect xx V-Trigger 2

3.4. Jump in combos

3.4.1. j.MK cr.MP st.LK st.LK

3.4.2. j.HK Head butt st.LK st.LK Close connect cr.HP Far connect st.HK

3.5. Mid-air connect juggles

3.5.1. CC anti-air st.HK Head butt 188/340 EX Borscht dynamite 268/380

3.6. V-Trigger 2 combos

3.6.1. cr.LK cr.LP xx V-Trigger 2 MP SPD

3.6.2. cr.MP st.LK xx V-Trigger 2 HP SPD

3.6.3. Head butt st.LK xx V-Trigger 2 HP SPD

4. Neutral Game

4.1. Anti-fireball

4.1.1. Block Block is always an option You take chip damage Loses some screen position from bush back Prevents grey life from regenerating

4.1.2. Lariat No push-back so retains screen position A unique quality of lariat is that unlike all other special moves it gains you no meter when used

4.1.3. Head butt No push-back so retains screen position Doesn't stop grey life regenerating Hard to time, at closer distances becomes more of a prediction to the fireball. Is risky to throw out as a prediction as the move has long recovery so you're vulnerable to jump ins

4.1.4. Iron muscle V trigger 1 is strong against characters with a strong fire ball so building V meter should be a priority Absorbing a few fire balls is probably worth the grey life you take on to build V trigger as fast as possible and to retain screen position No push-back so retains screen position Accumulates grey life which is hard to build back, you take your life into your hands each time you use it Buuut.. with the armour changes making it so that you only take 50% damage when armouring you can tank a lot more damage with the V-skill

4.1.5. V-Trigger 1

4.1.6. Jump Neutral Forward Gain screen position Risk of being anti-aired or punished on landing so best used from far out where you can't be punished, or as a prediction to punish a fire ball from close with a jump in

4.1.7. st,HP you can charge the HP when up close and use it's hit of armour to blow through the fireball and punish it. A charged punch will get you a knockdown which is nice Risk of being jumped in on Won't beat multi hitting fireballs

4.2. Pokes

4.2.1. cr.LP

4.2.2. st.HP

4.2.3. st.MP

4.2.4. st.MK

5. Specials

5.1. Lariat

5.1.1. 100/200

5.1.2. Zangiefs combo ender (His only special that isn't a grab)

5.1.3. Passes through fire balls

5.1.4. You can move while Giefs spinning by holding left or right. This is important as it allows you to connect some combos that you otherwise can't by moving the Lariat in so it hits

5.2. SPD

5.2.1. All SPDs 5 startup and 2 active frames LP SPD 200/250 MP SPD 210/250 HP SPD 220/250 EX SPD 220/300 Is throw invincible

6. Knockdown Oki (and frame kills)

6.1. QR = Quick Recovery

6.1.1. NR = No Recovery BR = Back Revovery

6.2. After SPD KD

6.2.1. LP SPD Dash up QR NR

6.2.2. MP SPD Dash up MP SPD st.HK

6.2.3. HP/EX SPD Dash up HP SPD Throw cr.LK st.HK Against characters with no 3 frame

6.2.4. As with all versions of SPD if the opponent neutral jumps it they will absolutely blow you up. You take a big risk every time you use it on their wake up.

6.3. After running bear grab KD

6.3.1. LP/MP/HP QR Mid screen you're -1 after a dash up In the corner it leaves you close so you can get meaty preasure NR

6.3.2. EX QR Mid screen you're -6 after a dash up, DON'T dash up In the corner it leaves you close so you can get meaty preasure NR

6.4. After Lariat KD

6.4.1. Grounded KD QR You're -5 after a dash up, DON'T dash up or you'll be punished for it NR you can react to the no recovery, dash up, and pressure a mix up BR you are 0 after dash up so you can chase the back recovery with a dash on reaction and still be safe

6.4.2. Anti-air KD Leaves you much closer to the opponent

6.5. After forward throw

6.6. After back throw

6.6.1. QR 0 after dash up Vs characters with a 3 frame you don't have the advantage but otherwise it's neutral. You will be point blank either way which is great for Zangief so it can be worth it even if they have a 3 frame NR

6.7. After Borscht Dynamite

6.7.1. EX QR NR EX is the same as a heavy SPD Same KDA and distance on knockdown

7. Normals

7.1. Normal

7.1.1. startup/on hit/ on block

7.2. st.LP

7.2.1. 5/5/3 Anti air

7.3. st.MP

7.3.1. 7/4/2 Decent for whiff punishing Decent range and 3 active frames makes it a decent poke in the neutral Faster and more advantageous on a connect (hit or block) than st.MK but slightly less range and more pushback

7.4. st.HP

7.4.1. Tap 12/2/-3 Has a hit of armour during it's start-up Good for blowing through fireballs when in range of the st.HP Crush Counter Normal

7.4.2. Hold 37/KD/1 Crush Counter Normal

7.5. cr.LP

7.5.1. 4/3/3 Great poke Amazing range for it's speed and recovery 40 damage which is decent for a light, +3 on block so good for ticks into SPD Very low push back after buff. Can now connect up to four cr.LP before it pushes out of range You can connect up to 3 cr.LP before it pushes out of range for an SPD. This is crazy good as there's three guesses you can force the opponent to make After 2 LP you can still grab the opponent with a HP SPD after a tini-tiny pixel walk in It still pushes back the same as pre buff on block though. So if they block two LP the third connect will push them outside SPD range regardless of weather is hits or is blocked.

7.6. cr.MP

7.6.1. 6/5/3

7.7. cr.HP

7.7.1. 9/2/-4 Anti air

7.8. st.LK

7.8.1. 5/-1/-3 Combo normal, moves Gief in so lariat will more easily connect Bugged after season 3 so its minus on hit and block, only use this for cancels, either in a combo, or cheeky running bear grab tec Good for a tick into running bear grab decent whiff punish in certain situations, can empty cancel into lariat (or into super if you have god levels spinning)

7.9. st.MK

7.9.1. 10/2/-3 Semi ok range for use as a poke More range and less push-back than st.MP but worse in almost every other aspect Doesn't push back much and plus two on hit means you can pressure an SPD after a connect

7.10. st.HK

7.10.1. 11/2/-2 Crush Counter Normal

7.11. cr.LK

7.11.1. 4/4/2 Hits Low

7.12. cr.MK

7.12.1. 8/2/-4 Hits Low Doesn't push back much and plus two on hit means you can pressure an SPD after a connect

7.13. cr.HK

7.13.1. 10/KD/-10 Standard sweep Hits Low Crush Counter Normal

7.14. Head butt - f.HP

7.14.1. 12/7/2

7.15. Knee hammer - f.MP

7.15.1. 12/3/-3 Acts as a command dash with a hit-box to cover your approach Post season 3.5 nerf it's next to useless though, at least for getting in it's a total 31 frames so it's 6 frames slower than a dash Hops over lows an be used in certain situation to hop a move and punish the opponent with an SPD

7.16. Air Normals

7.16.1. Hits Overhead j.LP Comes out very fast and hits quite low down. Good for when you absolutely need to hit the opponent as early as possible. j.MP Good air to air j.HP j.HK is pretty much always better than this in every situation so not really worth ever using it j.LK Cross Up Has very fast startup and recovery so can be whiffed to fake a jump in and get effectively an empty jump Can instant air overhead j.MK Hits very low j.HK longest horizontal range jump in Flying body press - j-d.HP Cross Up Flying head butt - nj-u.HP Most damaging jump in, used for maximum damage after a dizzy, for example, or some punishes

8. Punishes

8.1. Crush Counter Punish

8.1.1. Close punish 12 Frame startup st.HP

8.1.2. Far punish 12 Frame startup st.HP

8.2. None CC punishes

8.2.1. 10 Frame startup cr.HK 100/150

8.2.2. 5 Frame startup SPD 200-210-220/250 (LP-MP-HP) st.LK xx CA

8.2.3. Close punish 12 Frame startup Head butt

8.2.4. st.MK Will punish moves that aren't minus enough for heavy moves and are too far for an SPD, most commonly this is well spaced sweeps

8.3. Flying head butt punish

8.3.1. Flying head butt st.HK xx V-Trigger 2

8.3.2. Biiiiig punnish, there are only a few

9. Situations

9.1. After landing a st.HK after a MP SPD

9.2. After landing a st.HK after a HP SPD

10. Match ups

10.1. Laura

10.1.1. Basics

10.1.2. Zangief Match-up Specifics When she uses st.HP into her electric projectile V-skill through the HP xx into back dash to avoid the projectile

10.2. Ryu

10.2.1. Basics Has an incincible reversal Shoryuken Has a 3 frame st.LP Has an overhead f.MP Advantageous moves st.LP st.MP cr.LP cr.MP cr.LK Disadvantage moves st.HP Fireball Punishable moves cr.HP cr.HK (sweep) f.MP MP-HP-HK TC Shoryuken Tatsu CA

10.2.2. Zangief Match-up Specifics

10.3. Chun-li

10.3.1. Basics Has an incincible reversal Her reversals require meter so she can be pressured for free when she doesn't have any EX Bird kick CA Has a 3 frame cr.LK Has an overhead df.MK She has a command jump as her V-skill which she can use to jump further than her normal jump in the same amount of time 6 frame landing recovery Advantageous moves st.LP st.MP cr.LP EX Kikoken b.HP Disadvantageous moves Kikoken (fireball) df.MK Punishable moves cr.MP cr.HP cr.HK Lightning legs Spinning bird kick CA

10.3.2. Zangief match-up specifics When she has V-trigger 1 active All her medium normals do 2 hits and all her heavy normals do 3. Her normals juggle airborne opponents

10.4. Dhalsim

10.4.1. This is a brutal matchup for zangief

10.4.2. Basics He has instant air overheads with long ranges making them safe-ish to throw out However he has a very floaty long jump and once he's done the overhead he can't do anything else until he touches the grounb. So dash up after the overhead for pressure or even sometimes a punish depending on the range and weather or not you blocked it. Advantageous moves st.LP st.LK cr.LP cr.HP b.MK V-trigger 1 EX yoga fire H yoga flame CA Disadvantageous moves cr.MP Yoga flame Punishable moves st.MP st.HP st.MK st.HK b.HP Yoga fire EX yoga flame Slides

10.4.3. Zangief matchup specifics The hop f.MP st.MP and cr.MP and okfor preempting the limbs and tagging him out of the move. or just trusty old cr.LP works as well A sweep can CC a move which gets a hard knockdown and a lot of time to dash up and gain space st.MP is also good for whiff punishing Yoga fire Depending on the distance dashing on reaction is sometimes a good way to gain ground and if you're close enough go for an SPD or tag him with a cr.LP The teleport Behind teleport No invincible reversal! SPD vortex with no fear ...Except CA

11. My iron body is invincible! So beware!

12. V System

12.1. V-Trigger 1 - Cyclone Lariat

12.2. V-Trigger 2 - Cossack Muscle

12.2.1. Raw SPD LP SPD 330/350 MP SPD 340/350 HP SPD 350/350 EX SPD 350/400

12.2.2. Combo SPD LP SPD 280/300 MP SPD 290/300 HP SPD 300/300 EX SPD 300/300

12.2.3. Ground SPDs leave you at -2 after dash up while the trigger is active But BDs leave you +2 after dash perfect for a mix-up

12.3. V-skill - Iron Muscle

12.3.1. Stratup: 1/ Revovery: 10 Any move that's active frames + recovery frames are more than 10 can be punished if you absorb it with a flex Most common use is the flex through a poke and then SPD them. Makes it very risky for the opponent to throw out certain pokes in neutral. These pokes are often fairly risk free in other match-ups forcing the opponent to play more conservatively against Gief Can be used to armour and punish pokes that you would otherwise have to jump over to punish. Since using V-skill in neutral is a lot less risky than jumping in it's a good alternative

13. Character Stats

13.1. Health

13.1.1. Vitality: 1050

13.1.2. Stun: 1050

13.2. Movement

13.2.1. Forward walk speed: 3.1

13.2.2. Back walk speed: 2.4

13.2.3. Forward dash Frames: 25

13.2.4. Back dash Frames: 25