Integrated marketing communication (IMC)

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Integrated marketing communication (IMC) by Mind Map: Integrated marketing communication (IMC)

1. Direct marketing

1.1. 1. Helps increase store traffic 2. Opens new international markets of unprecedented size 3. Promotes goals beyond creating product awareness 4. Databases are an important tool

1.1.1. communication channel direct mail catalogs telemarketing

1.1.2. broadcast channel

1.1.3. electronic direct marketing channels

1.1.4. other channel Example: Magazine ads with toll free numbers that enhance inbound telemarketing campaigns

2. Objective of promotion

2.1. >provide information >increase demand >differentiate the product >accentuate the product's value >stabilize sales

3. Elements of promotional mix

3.1. Personal selling ~conducted on a person to person basis with the buyer

3.2. Nonpersonal selling

3.2.1. >advertising >product placement >sales promotion >trade promotion >direct marketing > Publicity >public relations >guerrilla marketing

3.3. Subset of the marketing mix in which marketers attempt to achieve the optimal blending of the elements of personal and nonpersonal selling to achieve promotional objectives

4. Sponsorships

4.1. Organizations provide money or in-kind resources to an event or activity in exchange for a direct association with that event or activity

4.2. Sponsor purchases:

4.2.1. Access to the event’s audience

4.2.2. The image associated with the activity

5. Developing an Optimal Promotional Mix

5.1. create a promotional mix by blending advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations

5.2. Several factors can influence the effectiveness and choices of promotional mix

5.2.1. Stage in the Product Lifecycle

5.2.2. Price

5.2.3. Nature of the Market

5.2.4. Nature of the Product

6. Pulling and Pushing Promotional Strategies

6.1. Pulling strategy

6.1.1. to stimulate final-user demand

6.2. Pushing strategy

6.2.1. to members of the marketing channel rather than final users

6.3. PPP Strategies

6.3.1. Timing Prior to the actual sale, advertising is usually more important Selling activities are more important than advertising at the time of purchase

7. Budgeting for Promotional Strategy

7.1. B2B markets allocate more to personal selling than advertising

7.2. Reverse is true for consumer goods

8. Measuring the Effectiveness of Promotion

8.1. Direct sales results test

8.2. Indirect evaluation

9. Measuring Online Promotions

9.1. Cost per impression

9.2. Cost per response (click-through)

9.3. Conversion rate

10. The Value of Marketing Communications

10.1. Social Importance

10.2. Business Importance

10.3. Economic Importance