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Pesticides by Mind Map: Pesticides

1. Hive collapses

1.1. Less Crops are pollinated.

1.1.1. Less food for animals.

1.1.2. Less food for humans.

2. Weakens the bee's immune system.

2.1. Bees are killed by parasites or diseases.

3. Interrupts the bees brain chemicals, making it harder to remember where to go.

3.1. Bees get lost and the hive loses productivity.

4. What are the negative effects of this problem?

5. Manufacturers produce pesticides due to demand

5.1. People want to protect plants from different diseases

5.1.1. Farmers want to protect crops from insects, fungal growth, and pests Crops were withered and damaged due to pests and intruders

6. What are the factors contributing to this problem?