Web 2.0 technologies - use in CBE KLA

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Web 2.0 technologies - use in CBE KLA by Mind Map: Web 2.0 technologies - use in CBE KLA

1. blogs

1.1. create a network of key stakeholders

1.2. join local interest groups

1.3. keep track of emerging technology trends

2. wikis

2.1. create a class web site / wiki for networking and reflection

2.2. Create a class wikipedia on key definitions. Add new definitions as they are learnt and at the end of the course the students will have a great resource for revision.

3. podcasting

3.1. keep a learning journal of key aspects of what you have learnt and your reflections

3.2. subscribe to a economic / business podcast via iTunes or similar.

4. Google maps

4.1. Make a map of your target markets geographical location

4.2. map the location of your key competitors

5. data mash ups

5.1. create multimodal advertising campaign

6. RSS

6.1. Follow a business or economic blog feed using RSS

7. 3D learning environments

7.1. 2nd life

7.2. Quest atlantis

8. Google docs

8.1. use a google doc to collaborate with teams mates

9. Google sites

9.1. create a web page for your business idea

9.2. create a wiki for your group assignment

10. Social bookmarking and media resource sharing

10.1. Delicious

10.1.1. Find 10 webpages or blogs relating to Economic issues - e.g. economic development and resource depletion etc.