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Science by Mind Map: Science

1. Tests/quizes

1.1. We had two tests

1.2. One of them was on Volcanoes and Earthquakes

1.3. And another test was on Astronomy

2. Projects

2.1. Mission Astrononmy

2.1.1. In a group of 4 people

2.1.2. I was with Mohammed Farsakh, Klara Abi Karam, Trendel Khalil

2.1.3. We presented on Galaxies and mars exploration.

2.1.4. We did a website, poster, and an activity wich was jeperdi

2.2. Mission Human Biology

2.2.1. We were alone (no partners)

2.2.2. We had to pick 1/9 subjects to present on

2.2.3. I did about Eyes and Ears

3. Classwork

4. Mr. Riley

4.1. Mr. Riley is a very fun person he does not make the class borin, he makes it fun. We caually look forward for our class with him

5. Homework

5.1. Mr. Riley gave us many worksheets relating to the material we were studying for.