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Science by Mind Map: Science

1. Mr. Riley

1.1. Mr. Riley is a very fun person he does not make the class borin, he makes it fun. We caually look forward for our class with him

2. Tests/quizes

2.1. We had two tests

2.2. One of them was on Volcanoes and Earthquakes

2.3. And another test was on Astronomy

3. Projects

3.1. Mission Astrononmy

3.1.1. In a group of 4 people

3.1.2. I was with Mohammed Farsakh, Klara Abi Karam, Trendel Khalil

3.1.3. We presented on Galaxies and mars exploration.

3.1.4. We did a website, poster, and an activity wich was jeperdi

3.2. Mission Human Biology

3.2.1. We were alone (no partners)

3.2.2. We had to pick 1/9 subjects to present on

3.2.3. I did about Eyes and Ears

4. Classwork

5. Homework

5.1. Mr. Riley gave us many worksheets relating to the material we were studying for.