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IFMSA preGA Health 2.0 by Mind Map: IFMSA preGA Health 2.0
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IFMSA preGA Health 2.0


Mail Services

Hotmail,Gmail, Yahoo

Google wave, Open Source Now


Save passwords, block web pages. Save the last things you wrote online to get them back if the browser fails (recover the last email you were writing)





emergency doctors use more smartphones than other doctors


apple vs google:


includes adobe flash support app releases are simpler and cheaper  


Med Apps

clinical prcatice, medscape, New node, New England, Radiopedia, pubmed, Radiology 2.0, Neuromind, Prognosis, medcalc, Harvard Public Health News

Social Media

there's a lot of our personal information online that can be easily found. Be careful! FB: 4 friends Linkedn: work tweeter: spread info

the steps

confusion and concerns






communicate, tweet, retweet, #hashtag, #FF, foto, link



Tweet Deck


Document Collaboration



Use tags to organize bookmarks

Linked in


google +


RSS Feed

External warnings from updates from a website without visiting it

RSS Feedreader communicates with other websites,

Imaging and Video


Imaging, Pixels, Pictures elements = Each pixel represents the color at a single point in the image, Bitmaps, Array of pixels, Resolution, Vectors, Contain a geometric description which can be rendered smoothly at any desired display size.


Useful programs to edit or reproduce videos

File formats

Bit, Computers + digital A/V device stores information through a series of 0`s and 1`s. Each 0 or 1 = One Bit

Byte, 8 Bits

Codec, (short forcompressor/decompressor) System for compressing a large amount of data into a smaller, manageable file, which can then later be opened or decompressed to deliver the original contents., Lossy, Degradation of sound or picture quality in the process of squeezing and then unpacking a file, Lossless, a codec can reproduce the original data with no loss of quality or nuance


Imaging,, Everystockphoto, Editing, Paint, Microsoft image editor, iStockphoto, Expensive, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Nuevo nodo, GIMP, Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Searching, Photocase,, Flickr, Managing, Twitpic, Google Picasso

Videos, Sony vegas, You Tube - online video, Vimeo, Adobe, After Effects, Pro, Premiere Pro, VLC, Pinnacle Studio, Xtranormal, Prezi, Windows Live MovieMaker, Real Player, iMovie, Premiera, Dafont,, Download music or videos from youtube

Change management

"Accept that a change is coming"


"My organisation must change/adapt/do thing s differently to remain competitive"

"My organisation will becom irrelevant if it does not change", Agree, As things changes you need to adapt, Something has to change at a certain point, Maybe not after 5 years but after 100 years = irrelevant, Disagree, As long as effort and spirit in a organisation you can stay relevant but won't improve

"MY organization approaches change effectively", Agree, Disagree, Slow process for new organisations, Infrastructure is the reason for not approaching change

"I will become irrelevant if i do not change"

"I will be less competitive as a doctor if I do not change"

"I manage change effectively"

Social media revolution

Over 50% of the world population is under 30

93% of marketer suse social media

50% of the tmobile internet traffic in the UK is for twitter

We don't have a choice if we should do social media, the question is how well we do it

What happens in Vegas stays in Twitter, youtube, fb, flickr...

TED Talk: Daniel Kraft

Resisting change: Why?

We are not used to it

It's new

It's scary

Put your trust into a chip after 15 years practicing medicine?

Time issue to learn new things

More resistants if changes come abruptly

Your surroundings influence you

SWG - Improving IFMSA

1, New Database, Work&Social aspects combined, Official twitter account, Twitter-Splash: During events/projects, Social media timeline from IFMSA, Toolbar design for IFMSA-Work, - News Feed - Infos about other NMOs, More technical support? - NSTDD + ?, Link NMO pages to, Information/CI/Respresentation control?, Official hashtags?

2, Facebook, Groups, MD Geeks, Page, Now: Promotion, Future: More about communication, Blogs, Yahoogroups suck --> Switch to google, Twitter, Database, Communication plattform, Google Documents, File Sharing, Communication, Google groups

3, #ifmsaam11, Twitterfountain, During the GA, During the social program?, Interactive treasure hunt, Neue Idee, Promote twitter through games, Short He@lth 2.0 presentation to each NMO, Approach externals during theme event, Promote use of mind maps during the SC-Sessions, GA-Mindmamp, From all SC sessions, Participants list, Pre-GA participants as changing He@lth 2.0 Agents, Neue Idee

4, NMO's He@lth 2.0 Training, New tech tutorial, Mindmap instead of minutes, Live twittering from GA's, Good representation towards externals, Feedback from non-GA-attending IFMSA members, IFMSA account should follow important externals

Kotters 8 Elements

Steps, 1- Increase urgency, 2- Building guiding teams, 3- Get the vision right, 4- Communication for buy-in, 5- Enable action, 6- Create short-term wins, 7- Don't let-up, 8- Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture

Why/How/What - Participants


It will be very important to our future

Be part of this process

Because technology is getty everyday more important in daily life

Build awreness = Preventive medicine

To be part of the revolution

Capacity building through easy sharing of experience

Use of technology for education and raising awareness

Because I care

To know how to use new technologies

Faster access to information

To reach medical students in an effeective way

Because we believed people should be empowered

Efficient fast universal healthcare

Improve patient self-responsibilty

Fast information acess

Make information more accessible

Access to valuable information

To get tools to improve our healthcare system through social media

Personal development

To be better in technology field

Because we can

The world is changing and we need to be prepare for that

Improve communicatoin among medical students

Be one of the innovators - At least "early"

Good, easy and available communication

Share, care, learn

To keep in time with the times

Make things move forward at a faster speed

Everyone should have access to health information

'Cause we are clever and smart but we want to be more than that



Practical connecting


2.0 Doctor Patient Relationship

Group 1, Doctors vs Patient, Should be complient, the doctor can't solve all the problems, its not a service like a store, its very different, Patient vs Doctor, Should listen very carefully, history, symptoms, Should look out for alarm signs, take more serious action, has to believe the patient, not that they are always exaggerating, take more time with the patient, Emphasizing with easier language, Be honest, Be up to date, aware of new technologies, Should be involved in the decision making, aware of different cultures, Technology, Online consultations

Group 2, Doctors can start using Google Calender, available for patients, Create screening system, example from a physician who created a questionnaire can be formed, Should doctors allow patients to email them?, it needs to be regulated!, Twitter?, Friends on facbook?, Best not, Create a professional page with the information you would like to spread concerning, Create a facebook PAGE, talk to your patients about this, empower them, even if you give them your information, Giving access to patients data, Consultations via skype, Give patients responsabilites, Frequently asked questions, Official website by doctors, where patients can be sent through, Set the ground rules, Teaching medical technology

Group 3, Email to answer specific questions, Usage of the Body browser, Creating routine questions, guiding through to good resources (questions), Redesign the test results, easier to understand, TED talk, Body network, Exchange information with patients who have recovered.

Group 4, Patients going online to find information, doesn't trust the doctor, wants peers to discuss, What should we do as doctors, Guide the patients online, to make the information understandable, Patient doctor relationship, see them as 1 person, create a good relationship, guide them to look for "some information", ones that are scientifically approved., Importance for evidence based medicine

Study Methods



Never Forget

Note Taking

Microsoft Office OneNote



Google Body browser

twitter accounts, @amcummigham, @medschooladvice, #meded chats

Focus, White noise generator, Simply Noise, Removing Distractions, StayFocusd



Open Space Technology

Twitter during the GA - interactions?

Social Media Image - IFMSA

Facebook, IFMSA Page, Standing Committees, Pages or Groups?, SCORA - group, SCOPE - new group in development, Connect to twitter, Page Content, VPE and team

Twitter, Allow hashtags to grow naturally, Official online accounts for twitter or personal accounts (personal mostly as consensus), @ifmsaonline, Develop certain hashtags and post them everywhere!

External publicity, What do our external organization affiliates use? Can we connect to them with their social media?

Targeting information, External Organizations, Everything should be shareable with externals (of the quality to share), Members, Users (e.g. people going on exchange, participating in an exchange, affiliated with a project, etc)

Reaching countries that don't typically use facebook/twitter?,, Links to feeds from NMO websites/updates, etc, RSS to, Calendars (international/national/regional, New applications for the website - how we use new technologies?, interconnecting the national and local using social media, Information flow is really low from national meetings

Feed from official congresses/meetings?, Twitter and FB, Blogging/etc

Trainings for medical students and IFMSA members on how to deal with social media., Minitrainings, During meetings, getting people involved, Sharing programs, etc, Provide standard hashtags, Tweet national meetings for LCs

Protecting IFMSA's image, Separate work stuff from "social", National Food and Drinking Party, Don't put in an album labeled for IFMSA, Consider effects on supporters, Make sure externals are aware of the actual work results that we achieve, Selectivity of what we post on social media, Policy discussed at AM10 Montreal, No need to patrol or moderate personal accounts, but do make sure members are informed, Common sense!, Don't affiliate IFMSA with NFD related photos in any official or visible context; separate work from play, untag photos - be smart about what you share!, Separating Facebook personal from anything that could be linked to IFMSA, Focus on using other forms of social media for promoting IFMSA, not so much facebook, Clouding out the negative videos with the positive!

How to get this info to members using technology?, SCOME project?

YouTube Channel, IFMSA Official channel already, Short term, PreGA videos, Simple interview style videos for each PreGA, GA videos, Short videos, Google spreadsheet to make sure we are covered, Film & Tweet!, Long Term, Develop tagging system for videos, Work with Standing Commitee Directors to develop videos for each Standing Committee, Making sure that we use largely useful videos, Posting videos to personal accounts and tweeting - then trying to get them on the official channel if they are relevant, Introductory videos explaining commitees/abbreviations, etc

New Technologies Support Division, NTSD-D but no division!, Talk to old/new director about forming terms, Need teams for youtube, blog, etc, Work with Standing Committee Directors

Reaching nonIFMSAers (or locals that don't know the lingo), Email, Twitter - be simple in language, Continuously throw out info, Tweet to national & local officers?, Google + ?

Sharing and Collaboration

Yammer, As tool for colaboration with the NMO, Helps you reduce your email information flow within the organisation

Mindmap, All SC-Sessions should be mindmapped

He@lth 2.0 SCOME-Project?, e-Medicine corporation, Training for medical students, Healthcare specific training for students

How to GA?, Random videos about different parts of the GA

Blogging as a promotion and information tracking tool

Health 2.0 mini-training

Training in each SC

"The recepy book"

Project Fair, Space with He@lth 2.0 goodies, Present our ideas, He@lth 2.0 Desk, How to use twitter?, Twitter fountain


Twitterfountain, In each session, In each coffee brakes

Empower participants to share

Filter information


He@lth 2.0 Videos

Talk to all SC, HE@lth 2.0 Trainers

Personalized video from each SC

He@lth 2.0 SCOME Project

Get in touch with SCOME

How to GA?

Take He@lth 2.0 participants to do explanation videos

GA descriptions

Pre-GA Workshops videos

Open Mic AM11

Share ideas

Arrival day

Time: 1:00-3:30 PM



170 seats

2 Minutes questions time?


FB-Page AM Meeting

General Server email

Open mic event

Relaxed atmosphere

FB-Status, Copy/paste status, Change your profile picture, Like, like, like!

Delegation round mail

Pay forward, Talk to 3 people, tell them to talk to 3 more ppl

OC Desk at the GA, Videos

All volunteers should spread the word

Post its everywhere




Relaxed atmosphere

Webcam speakers?


No bounderies!

Everything that inspires you

Registration form

Only for speakers!




Beginner and advanced Pre-GA

He@lth 2.0 TNT!

He@lth 2.0 Summer school!



Thanks to all the participants. We can work as a team.

How are we as participants stay up to date?

We made the name He@lth 2.0 name legendary


Amazing energy

Lots of knowledge

"Your energy was like a virus"

You were amazing as a team

You realized when we needed space


No ground rules!

2nd day! He@lth topics were good

He@lth focused topics were great

Good topic selection thought big topic

Learned a lot

I feel more empowered towards social media

Social media is such a vital topic

I was exhausted before the Pre-GA short before burnout... Now I feel so motivated.

"You build a Pre-GA from the Scratch"

"Everyone knew about the Pre-GA"

It was amazing how we spread out

Inspired even thought I arrived with negative expectations

We created a splash

You inspired me towards social media

Thinking outside of the box

Enough free space to be creative and shares ideas


Divide more the topics

Too much in a model

Too many topics

More structure

More practical excercises

For the future

Glossary of the tools/programs

Video editing session

Dynamic agenda with post its

More tasks with forehand

He@lth 2.0 Sessions/TNT @ EuRegMe

Dangers while using social media

What can we really achieve? Let's stay realistic

New name?

Better description

There has to be a next workshop!

We will make a personal feedback video and upload it to the dropbox!

He@lth 2.0

3-4 days integrated with an open mic

Twitter = Is like staying on top on the building and shout

If anyone can listen... they can... or not

Perfect medium to patrice the law of aabundance

Within the IFMSA = opportunity to communicate

5 Goals

Get you on board of this on going process

Work easier not harder

TEDx Maastricht

Build a network, If you want to change the future, you

Twitter as


Social Media

Self Management