Indefinite Pronouns

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Indefinite Pronouns by Mind Map: Indefinite Pronouns

1. How and when to use no one, nothing, nowhere.

2. No one moved; no one said anything.

3. Every

3.1. Everyone

3.1.1. Everyone needs friends

3.1.2. We use everybody or everyone to talk about people and not objects.

3.2. Everybody

3.2.1. Everybody needs someone to love.

3.3. Everything

3.3.1. Everything about you is amazing.

3.4. Everywhere

3.4.1. I have been everywhere.

4. No

4.1. Nobody

4.1.1. Nobody cares how I feel!

4.1.2. Nobody definition, no person; not anoye; no one.

4.2. Nowhere

4.2.1. I have nowhere else to go.

4.2.2. Nowhere is there more of a population problem than in this city.

4.3. No one

4.4. Nothing

5. Any

5.1. Anywhere

5.1.1. He dind't lose his wallet anywhere

5.1.2. Anywhere is used in negative words or sentences and is used somehere (in a negative sentece).

5.2. Anyone

5.2.1. There was hardly anoye at the party.

5.2.2. Anoye significa cualquiera, nadie.

5.3. Anybody

5.3.1. My dog doesn't get along with anybody

5.3.2. How to use anybody in a senteces.

5.4. Anything

5.4.1. Tolerance does not mean accepting everything.

5.4.2. Anything means a thing of any kind.

6. Some

6.1. Somewhere

6.1.1. Somewhere over the rainbow.

6.1.2. How to use somewhere in sentences.

6.2. Somebody

6.2.1. Somebody tock a cookie from the cookie jar.

6.2.2. We often use the plural pronoun they to refer back to (singukar) someone or somebody when we do not know if the person is male or female.

6.3. Someone

6.3.1. Someone tock a cookie from the cookie jar.

6.4. Something

6.4.1. There is something fishy going on.

6.4.2. Use a way of using something.