Indefinite Pronouns

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Indefinite Pronouns by Mind Map: Indefinite Pronouns

1. - I 've looked for my slippers everywhere and I can't find them. - We can meet somewhere in the middle. - She didn’t go anywhere with him yesterday. - That car came out of nowhere

2. Examples:

3. Examples:

4. - Everyone wants to go to Paris. - Everybody in the band can sing better than me. -Someone once told me that life isn't fair. -I need somebody to help me. - This novel is a good read for anyone. - Anybody can apply for this position. - There was no one to back her idea. - There was nobody at home when I returned from my trip.

5. Definition

5.1. Indefinite pronouns are those referring to one or more unspecified objects, beings, or places. They are called "indefinite" simply because they do not indicate the exact object, being, or place to which they refer.

5.2. Types

5.2.1. Affirmative In affirmative sentences, indefinite pronouns using some are used to describe an indefinite quantity, the indefinite pronouns with every are used to describe a complete quantity, and the pronouns with no are used to describe an absence. Indefinite pronouns with no are often used in affirmative sentences with a negative meaning, but these are nevertheless not negative sentences because they are lacking the word not.

5.2.2. Negative Negative sentences can only be formed with the indefinite pronouns that include any.

6. Person: - Everyone - Everybody - Someone - Somebody -Anyone - Anybody - No one - Nobody

7. Place: - Everywhere - Somewhere - Anywhere - Nowhere

8. Thing: - Everything - Something - Anything - Nothing

8.1. Examples:

8.1.1. - My sister eats everything save for seafood. - She told me something about her trip. - I haven't eaten anything since this morning. - There's nothing like a shower before sleep