Balanced Reading Program

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Balanced Reading Program by Mind Map: Balanced Reading Program

1. Shared Reading

1.1. Whole class

1.2. Interactive between students and teacher

1.3. Environment: safe & encouraging

1.4. Materials: big books, charts, posters, poems

1.5. Time: 10 mintues

2. Guided Reading

2.1. Small group

2.2. Student working with the teacher to apply & consolidate strategy

2.3. Teacher support as student talk, read & think about text

2.4. Environment: safe, minimal distractions

2.5. Materials: Text just above independent level

2.6. Assessments: running records & anecdotal notes

2.7. Time: 10 minutes

2.8. Other students engaged in independent reading activities

3. Literacy Rich Environment

3.1. Literacy materials readily available

3.2. Authentic materials

3.2.1. Phonebooks, menus, cards, recipes, instructions etc.

3.3. word wall

3.4. labels throughout classroom

4. Read Aloud

4.1. Whole class

4.2. Teacher led

4.3. Model reading strategies (think alouds, predictions, questioning, comprehension etc.)

4.4. Materials: text above student level

4.5. High interest & engaging texts

5. Independent Reading

5.1. Independent of teacher support

5.2. Student implementing strategies taught during guided, shared and read aloud

5.3. Activities: read to self, paired reading, reader's theatre, literacy circles, centres

5.4. Materials: text at student level

5.5. Assessments: self assessment & observations