Toolkit - Diagnostics

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Toolkit - Diagnostics by Mind Map: Toolkit - Diagnostics

1. Wolbachia diagnostics

1.1. Overview

1.1.1. Guideline: Quality assurance in mosquito production

1.1.2. DNA extraction Stories 7020. Extracting DNA from adult mosquitoes Resources SOP: Squash buffer extraction of DNA/RNA from mosquito samples Template: Diagnostic data sheet How to store squash buffer extraction plates Troubleshooting 5. Speeding up diagnostics 323. Reducing BG trap collections. Links to activities Organise to outsource virus testing of blood Diagnostics for field samples Diagnostics for Mosquito Production

1.2. LAMP

1.2.1. Stories 423. Switching to LAMP

1.2.2. Resources 29. Testing for Wolbachia using LAMP SOP: Diagnostic testing for Wolbachia in mosquitoes using qPCR (96-well)

1.2.3. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting guide: LAMP Guideline: Diagnostics QA

1.2.4. Links to activities Test SOPs Diagnostics for field samples Diagnostics for Mosquito Production

1.3. qPCR

1.3.1. Stories

1.3.2. Resources SOP: Testing for Wolbachia using qPCR (96-well) SOP: Using the LightCycler 480's colour compensation function How to test for Wolbachia density using qPCR (96-well)

1.3.3. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting guide: qPCR 184. After your qPCR has finished 22. Interpreting qPCR results

2. Health checks

2.1. see Mosquito Production Toolkit

3. Vector competence

3.1. Overview

3.1.1. 6024. Testing the vector competence of new lines

3.2. Intrathoracic injection

3.2.1. Stories 327. Injecting mosquitoes to test vector competence

3.2.2. Resources SOP: Intrathoracic injection of mosquitoes with arboviruses

3.3. Spiked bloodfeeding

3.3.1. Stories 326. Feeding viruses to mosquitoes

3.3.2. Resources SOP: Viremic bloodfeeding of mosquitoes in PC3

3.4. Extraction and qPCR

3.4.1. Stories 329. Checking the colony's vector competence

3.4.2. Resources SOP: Diagnostic testing for viruses in mosquitoes using qPCR (96-well) SOP: Quantification of Dengue, West Nile, Zika and Chikungunya Viral Titres by Plaque Assay

4. Core Data

4.1. see Data & Digital Toolkit

5. Insecticide Resistance

5.1. see Field Entomology Toolkit