Innovative Healthcare Technologies

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Innovative Healthcare Technologies by Mind Map: Innovative Healthcare Technologies

1. TeleMedicine and TeleHealth

1.1. Benefits

1.1.1. Increased Healthcare Access

1.1.2. Improved Patient Outcomes

1.1.3. Reduces Healthcare Costs

1.1.4. Combats Clinical Staff Shortages

1.2. Components

1.2.1. Patients provided the ability to receive consultations/follow-up from home

1.2.2. Interconnected Computer Network

1.2.3. Face-to-Face Featured Healthcare

1.2.4. Patient provided improved access to play an active role in Healthcare

2. Electronic Health Records (EHR)

2.1. Benefits

2.1.1. Improved Patient Care

2.1.2. Improved Patient Participation

2.1.3. Enhanced Care Coordination

2.1.4. Diagnostics and Patient Outcomes

2.1.5. Practice Efficiencies and Cost Savings

2.2. Components

2.2.1. Patient Medical History

2.2.2. Patient Diagnosis

2.2.3. Medications and Treatment Plans

2.2.4. Immunization Records & Allergies

2.2.5. Radiology Images and Lab Results

3. Remote Monitoring Tools

3.1. Benefits

3.1.1. Improved Quality of Health

3.1.2. Promotes Independence within the Home

3.1.3. Reduces Potential for Increased Hospitalizations and Readmissions

3.1.4. Reduce Care Costs

3.2. Components

3.2.1. Instant Collection & Monitoring of Health Data Vital Signs & Oxygen Levels Heart Rate & Electrocardiograms Body Weight & Blood Sugars

3.2.2. Case Management Monitoring for a Central Location

3.2.3. Development of Treatment Plans based upon Results

4. Wireless Communication

4.1. Benefits

4.1.1. Reduced Healthcare Access and Costs

4.1.2. Streamlining of Patient Information for Physician and Clinical Follow-up

4.1.3. Increased Access to Healthcare with Patient Networking Oppurtunities

4.1.4. Increased Quality of Care

4.2. Components

4.2.1. Instant Medication Dosage and Appointment Reminders

4.2.2. Global Wireless Communication Access

4.2.3. Secured Communication of Patient Information

4.2.4. Increased Communication Among all Members involved in Care