Affordable And Clean Energy

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Affordable And Clean Energy by Mind Map: Affordable And Clean Energy

1. Cost efficient

1.1. for low income family

1.2. affordable to rural areas

1.3. Market Price

1.4. to be not a burden

1.5. smooth running of household activity

1.6. change dependency from fossil fuels to clean and modern energy

2. Replacing exhaustible

2.1. zero carbon emission

2.2. switching from fossil fuels

3. Modern technology

3.1. Invention to harness from renewables

3.2. Inventions to generate and transport clean energy

4. Renewables

4.1. wind energy

4.2. Solar

4.3. Oceanic Tides

4.4. Hydro electricity

4.5. Geothermal

5. Reaching to Rural Parts

5.1. Development

5.2. Use of new technologies

5.3. Employment

5.4. Reducing Health Problems

6. High efficiency

6.1. efficient enough to power a house

6.2. Efficient enough to power an industry

6.3. Low costing and high generation

6.4. Reducing Loss of energy