The Internet and effective Internet searching

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The Internet and effective Internet searching by Mind Map: The Internet and effective Internet searching

1. Five tips to help research and filter information


1.1.1. keywords, considering synonyms, generating questions etc.

1.1.2. Defining the task can lead to a more effective and streamlined research process.


1.2.1. simple search terms using only the important keywords

1.2.2. Use quotation marks if you want your keywords in an exact order eg. “raining cats and dogs”

1.2.3. don’t worry about punctuation

1.2.4. use your best guess with spelling

1.3. DELVE

1.3.1. look beyond the first few results

1.3.2. Point out the anatomy of a Google search result and ensure students know what all the components mean.


1.4.1. cannot believe everything you read.

1.4.2. What is the purpose of the site?

1.4.3. Can you find any background information?

1.5. CITE

1.5.1. avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement

1.5.2. system for students to organise their information while they’re searching

2. Use quotes to locate a specific phrase

2.1. telling the search engine to only bring back pages that include these search terms exactly how you typed them in order

2.2. "long haired cats." Your search will come back with these three words

3. Use Google to search within a site

3.1. You can use Google to search within a site

3.2. good way to find what you're looking for with a minimum of fuss.

3.3. "how to find people" plugged into Google will bring back search results only from this domain that are related to topic

4. Use basic math to narrow down your search results

4.1. use addition and subtraction to make your search results more relevant. Basic math can really help you in your search quest

4.2. Boolean search and is one of the guiding principles behind the way most search engines frame their search results


5. Use more than one search engine

5.1. Every search engine returns different results.

5.2. the more comfortable you are with a good variety of search engines, the more successful your searches are going to be.

5.3. safari, firefox, chrom