Understanding the Web for Year Fives

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Understanding the Web for Year Fives by Mind Map: Understanding the Web for Year Fives

1. How to be a critical user of the web

1.1. How do we know if a website is trustworthy?

1.1.1. If the website ends in '.edu' or '.gov', then they are generally providing information that we can trust. Websites ending in '.com' cannot always be trusted - proceed with caution!

1.1.2. Is this site credible? Ask yourself: What is the purpose of the site? Can you find any background information? Is it recent or outdated? Do the headlines match the article or is it 'clickbait'?

1.1.3. A video explanation:

2. Key Terms:

2.1. Web Pages: documents formatted using Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), which is a web programming language

2.2. Websites: collections of web pages.

2.3. Home page: refers to the first page of a website (which could also be the only page).

2.4. URL: Uniform Resource Locator – is the address of any web page. Your must use a browser to access web pages – or URLs.

2.5. WWW stands for 'world wide web'

3. Be safe!!

4. GAME: Welcome to the web

5. Always reference other people's work when you borrow it - even if it is a photo!

5.1. This website for copyright-free photos attaches a reference to the photo

5.2. This video helps explain copyright and how to reference

5.3. Look here if you want to learn more about the specifics of referencing - skip to page 6!

6. Want to be better at searching for information? Click here