Descriptive Writing Group 7 (Anusree, Adreena, Nicole, Coleen, Zhong Yi)

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Descriptive Writing Group 7 (Anusree, Adreena, Nicole, Coleen, Zhong Yi) by Mind Map: Descriptive Writing Group 7 (Anusree, Adreena, Nicole, Coleen, Zhong Yi)

1. 1.What is descriptive writing?

1.1. a type of writing in when you describe something so much it seems you are in the story.

1.2. an art form which allows readers to experience or imagine exactly what the character in the novel/text feels or goes through.

1.3. Descriptive writing is not story telling but it is a type of writing which creates a scene or mood in the writer’s mind.

2. 2.What does it entail?

2.1. Descriptive writing involves making use of all our five senses.

2.2. When the descriptions are focused on the senses, you provide specific and vivid details in such a way that it shows your reader what you are describing.

2.3. The vivid description in the writer evokes certain emotions or feelings in the reader.

3. 3.How is it different from other text types (e.g. expositions, formal letters) you have learnt?

3.1. Descriptive writing allows one to indulge in the scene or world that the author creates and allows ones' imagination to run wild.

3.2. As compared to other text types, descriptive writing allows the reader to imagine to his/her fullest to which what the character is currently doing or experiencing.

3.3. It is not storytelling like narrative.

3.4. It is not based on facts like expository essays.

3.5. It does not require any form of argument like argumentative writing.

3.6. However, it is the kind of writing which has the potential to bring the reader to different atmosphere.

4. How to write a good descriptive essay?

4.1. Use a description of all 5 senses plus feelings

4.2. use imagery instead of plainly descriptive words such as adjectives and adverbs choose precise words instead.

4.3. connect to the audience, don’t just plainly describe the place or person, describe the feelings so that reader can relate to it

4.4. don’t narrate a story, describe it

4.5. try not to use 1st person in the description

4.6. don’t describe everything, but only what is relevant in helping you create mood etc

4.7. describe as if you’re at that place so reader will form a mental picture of it and imagine that they’re there

4.8. use precise vocabulary and vivid similes/metaphors

4.9. describe things in a simple and clear manner