Life and Times Of Jesus Christ

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Life and Times Of Jesus Christ by Mind Map: Life and Times Of Jesus Christ

1. Travel

1.1. hard to travel only have horse, donkey or walk

1.1.1. New node

1.2. hard to travel only distaces it would talk a long time

1.3. it is dangerous

1.4. you only traveled if had to you would travel in groups

1.5. jesus traveled to Galilee by foot

2. Farming

2.1. Most families had holdings of land used for basic pravisions

2.2. Grapes were grown for fruit and wine making

2.3. Wine grapes were crushed by walking on them in a press

2.4. The wine was then stored in leater wine skins

2.5. Olives were grown for fresh eating and crushed into oil

2.6. Olives were thought to have heating properties

2.7. Olives were also crushed in a press but by a donkey

2.8. Jesus used farming in stories because it could relate to people

3. People of Law

3.1. Law was like a gift of God to the people

3.2. God cared about the whole life of his people so the laws dealt with every aspects of living

3.3. There were laws about-family,social life, treatment of meighbours, work, army, justice, food, health and hygeine.

3.4. The ten commandments provide a summary of law.

4. Marriage

4.1. Parents usually chose who their children married

4.2. The married daughters parents would be paid because they lost there daughter

4.3. Jesus told many stories about marriage

5. Lake Galilee and Galilee

5.1. 13km wide

5.1.1. New node

5.2. 21km long

5.3. Largest body of fresh water in Palestine/Israel

5.4. fed by river Jordan and Several Springs

5.5. Jesus was baptised here

5.6. Galilee in palestine

5.7. small 75km long

5.8. jews surrounded by non-jews

5.9. heord antipas governor