Internet searching

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Internet searching by Mind Map: Internet searching

1. Things to put into the search engine

1.1. Use key words, these are the words you want to find more information on.

1.2. don't use words that you don't need to find words on. For example words like and, the and of.

1.3. search small sentences rather than the whole question

2. What websites to click on

2.1. click on websites that include the key words you are looking for

2.2. click only on sites that you trust, these are websites that are from education sites

2.3. ask you teacher if the website can be trusted.

3. Referencing

3.1. Make sure your write down where you got your information from. you can do this by writing down the link, writing down the title of the piece of information or taking down both always remembering to include the author

4. Here is some fun ideas to make search easy

4.1. avoid using websites that have lots of pop up ads, because they sometimes have the incorrect information

4.2. always write down the web address as soon as you use it so you don not forget where you got it from

4.3. try not to search for the full question in the search engine

4.4. if your not sure if the website you are using is trustworthy then, leave it, find something else, and if you can't find something else then ask a teacher.