Effective searching for year 2

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Effective searching for year 2 by Mind Map: Effective searching for year 2

1. Search

1.1. Use simple words when you write in the search bar

1.2. Make sure punctuation is correct and write specifically

2. Delve

2.1. Look at lots of websites listed after the search is completed

2.2. Look closely at the description of the website to see if its what you are looking for

3. Clarify

3.1. Talk with your teacher about what you want to search

3.2. We can brainstorm key words and ideas about the topic

4. Evaluate

4.1. To find the right information, we can click Control F and search for key words on the website

4.2. Ask yourself if the information has enough background information

5. Cite

5.1. We must give respect to the owners of websites, so we copy and paste the link

5.2. These websites are useful for using photos: http://www.pics4learning.com/

5.3. http://www.akidsphoto.com/

6. Lets watch a video explaining how to use the internet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwzf-J73u5c