Effective Internet Searching

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Effective Internet Searching by Mind Map: Effective Internet Searching

1. Type in simple search terms that use key words from the question.

1.1. If you don't get any results, then change what you're searching for.

1.2. Use your best guess with spelling (Google will generally understand).

1.3. You don't have to use punctuation.

1.4. Understand that everyone's search will be different.

2. Reference any work that isn't your own.

2.1. Never just copy and paste!

2.2. Write in your own words.

2.3. Use quotation marks.

2.4. State where the information came from.

2.4.1. Who is the author?

2.4.2. What is the website URL?

3. Ensure the website you are using can be trusted.

3.1. What is the purpose of the site?

3.2. Is there any background information?

3.3. Do the headlines match the article content?