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Chapter 18 by Mind Map: Chapter 18

1. grace is free

1.1. the urge to do what is right comes from the holy spirit

1.2. God's presence in you

1.3. Grace is a free gift

2. super strength for the journey

2.1. A virtue is an attitude or a way of living that enables you to do good

3. theological virtues

3.1. Faith, Hope and Charity are gifts given by God

3.2. Faith is the virtue by which we believe God completely and accept as true all that God has revealed and teaches through the Catholic Church

3.3. Despair is to believe God cannot or will not help.

3.4. Charity is that virtue that helps us to love God and to give God first place in our lives.

3.5. The most important thing is love

4. Cardinal Virtues

4.1. Prudence is the virtue that directs us to decide what is good.

4.2. Justice is the virtue that guides us to respect the rights of others

4.3. Fortitude is the virtue that gives us the courage to do what is right

4.4. Temperance is the virtue that helps us to control our desires for pleasure