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Computer by Mind Map: Computer

1. Programs used

1.1. Google Sketchup

1.1.1. 3D models

1.1.2. Houses

1.1.3. People

1.1.4. Furniture

1.1.5. Add scenes

1.1.6. Share it with the world

1.2. Firefox

1.2.1. Web browser

1.2.2. Delicious

1.2.3. Tagging

1.2.4. Tabs

1.2.5. Themes

1.2.6. Better than Internet Explorer (less problems)

1.3. Mindmeister+Freemind

1.3.1. Mind maps

1.3.2. Organization

1.3.3. Planning


1.4.1. Edit images

1.4.2. Create posters

1.4.3. Change size

1.5. Windows movie maker

1.5.1. Create movies

1.5.2. Add effects

1.5.3. Add music

1.5.4. Personalize the video

1.5.5. Easy to use and fun

1.6. Google

1.6.1. Gmail Send and receive email Over 2.5 GB memory for mail Google talk Google spreadsheet File exchange Better than hotmail and easy to use

1.6.2. Calendar Add notes Reminder Helps get our homework Check out events and tests

1.6.3. Pages Create a website Can be accessed anywhere Add documents and gadgets Easy to use

2. Projects

2.1. Business

2.1.1. Idea of the future and real life Stress Responsability Risks New Skills

2.1.2. Skills Being able to lead a business Imagination Organization Patience Time organization

2.2. Website

2.2.1. Creativity Colors Look Fun Layout Make a website enjoyable to watch Reflect the person's personality Be able to express himslef Make it easy to look around

2.2.2. Helpful Make a person independent To show that a person can work without others

2.3. Movie creation

2.3.1. Fun Learn and try something new Do it your self and your way How to edit movies and videos Add special effects

2.3.2. skills Being able to add effects properly Slide shows Power point Make a storie Make the right decision