Granville Street

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Granville Street by Mind Map: Granville Street

1. Vancouver was originally supposed to be named the Township of Granville after Granville Leveson-Gower, but later was changed when BC became a province.

1.1. 1870

2. It began as a logging road

2.1. 1871

3. Became a flourishing lively entertainment district filled with dance halls, supper clubs and theatres popular for burlesque and vaudeville acts.

3.1. 1920's

4. Became the second neon capital in the world next to Shanghai. With 1900 neon signs that's 1 sign for every 19 people

4.1. 1950's

5. The signs began to deteriorate along with the rest of the street so neon signs ended up being associated with seedy areas.

6. Signs were banned

6.1. 1974

7. The street filled up with strip clubs, dive bars and peep shows.

7.1. 170's

8. When Vancouver got the 2010 winter Olympics they decided to clean up the street and make the pedestrian experience more enjoyable.

8.1. 2003

9. Now Granville street is a lively street with lot's of places to eat and shop

9.1. 2018