Geographic Filing Records Management

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Geographic Filing Records Management by Mind Map: Geographic Filing Records Management

1. Geographic File Index

1.1. Alphabetic Index

1.1.1. The index may be in form of: Type list Card file Computer-generated list

1.1.2. Info. in the index must include: Correspondent's name State name City name

1.2. Master Index

1.2.1. a complete listing of all filing segments in the filing system.

1.2.2. Advantages of computer database are apparent: Two useful indexes can be printed from a single input of records.

1.2.3. Folder labels and mailing labels can be prepared, as well, from the same stored data

2. Geographic Filing Procedures

2.1. Inspecting

2.1.1. Inspect each incoming letter to be sure it has been release for filing

2.2. Coding

2.2.1. Geographic location are considered the first part of filing segment so mark the locations clearly

2.3. Preparing cross-reference

2.3.1. In alphabetical filing, cross-reference are sometime necessary

2.3.2. Code the original doc. and use one of the following: 1.cross reference sheet 2. photocopies 3. cross-reference notation on guide labels

2.4. Sorting

2.4.1. sort letters and other records by geographic units, starting with the major geographic unit and continuing until all units in the segment have been used.

2.5. Filing

2.5.1. Locate folder location by making use of labels and guides as follows

3. Geographic Filing

3.1. method of storing and retrieving records in alphabetical order by location of an individual, an organization, or a project.

4. Geographic Filing Method

4.1. Geographic system are tailored (modified)

4.2. Arranged from major to minor geographic units.

4.3. Consider the filing units in this order:

4.3.1. Country name

4.3.2. State name

4.3.3. City name

4.3.4. Correspondent's name

5. Advantages & Disadvantages of Geographic Filing

5.1. Advantages

5.1.1. Ability to group business by location operations

5.1.2. Operations relating to a specific location are filed together

5.2. Disadvantages

5.2.1. Need time to prepare and maintain it

5.2.2. User must know the geographic location, or an index must be created