AWS CI part 6 - Health Check with lambda

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AWS CI part 6 - Health Check with lambda by Mind Map: AWS CI part 6 - Health Check with lambda

1. Create the function

1.1. Go to lambda section

1.2. start with blank function

1.3. Add code in the inline editor!

1.3.1. The script works using assert javascript function Assert is part of the nodejs framework Remember when developing your functions and uploading with the node modules compiled use the same version!

2. Adding Health Check

2.1. Edit your pipeline and create a new Stage Monitoring

2.2. Get the function code

2.2.1. The code repo of the lambda function is HERE!

2.2.2. The function code is here

2.3. Add the SN permission to send emails from the lambda function

2.3.1. go to IAM > Roles

2.3.2. Attach AmazonSNSFullAccess

2.4. Copy the already created topic

3. Set function Paramters

3.1. Prepare paramters including the topic notification id

3.2. Add paramters to the function

3.2.1. No I/O artifacts needed