Searching and evaluating resources on the internet

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Searching and evaluating resources on the internet by Mind Map: Searching and evaluating resources on the internet

1. Searching internet resources

1.1. Using Google Advanced Search.

1.2. Google has lesson plans to help.

1.3. Google Scholar.

1.4. How Search Works

2. Evaluating resources

2.1. Trust It or Trash It?


3. Critically evaluating information

3.1. Who: - Who wrote the pages and are they an expert? - Is a biography of the author included? - How can I find out more about the author?

3.2. What: - What does the author say is the purpose of the site? - What else might the author have in mind for site? - What makes the site easy to use? - What information is included and does it differ from other sites?

3.3. When: - When was the site created? - When was the site last updated?

3.4. Where: - Where does the information come from? - When can I look to find out more about the sponsor of the site?

3.5. Why: - Why is this information useful for my purpose? - Why should I use this information? - Why is this page better than another?

3.6. To find out more about how to critically evaluate information, click this link: Critical Evaluation

4. Safe search engines for kids

4.1. KidRex: KidRex - Kid Safe Search Engine

4.2. Kiddle: Kiddle - visual search engine for kids, powered by Google

4.3. Kid's Search: Kids Search - Safe Search Engine

4.4. KidsClick!: KidsClick! Web Search