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1. Tools to Help Identify Reliable Sources.

1.1. Evaluate the Site with

1.2. Trust or Trash Trust It or Trash It?

2. Know where to search for reliable information?

2.1. google?

2.1.1. Google Scholar What is Google Scholar and how do I use it?

2.1.2. Google Advanced Search How to Use Advanced Search Options in Youtube

2.2. The Library

3. There can be an overwhelming amount of information on the internet so it is important to search correctly!

3.1. Searching for terms such as "North America" or "South Africa"

3.1.1. Use "quotation marks" around the term to ensure the term is searched for, not the separate individual words.

3.2. If you want to exclude a term from your search.

3.2.1. To achieve this you should put a -dash in front of the word you want to exclude.

3.3. Spelling is very important! Ensure every word is spelt correctly.

3.4. Use lots of good search words.

3.4.1. Instead of car, search for Ford Falcon. Know what you want to help the search engine find what you want!

4. What to look out for.

4.1. Sponsored sites. Make sure you are looking at search results and not ads. Ads will show you what they want you to see not what you want to.

4.1.1. Even some search results can be advertised. This could show that they are biased and may not be reliable.

5. Which search browser do you use and how to use it.

5.1. there are multiple different browsers that you could use, so follow this link to find out how to use yours.

5.1.1. Welcome to the Web