Searching & Evaluating Resources on the Internet

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Searching & Evaluating Resources on the Internet by Mind Map: Searching & Evaluating Resources on the Internet

1. Searching Internet Resources

1.1. Using Google Scholar

1.2. Google Scholar

1.3. Using Google Advanced Search

1.4. Google Advanced Search

1.5. Video about Searching Internet Resources

1.6. Basic Search Strategies

2. Evaluating Internet Resources

2.1. Using TrustorTrash

2.2. Trust It or Trash It?

2.3. Using EasyBib


2.5. Look at fake websites to see how they are not reliable

3. Legitimacy of a Website

3.1. Who: Authority i.e. Who is the author? What are their credentials? Are they part of any renowned organisations? Which areas do they specialise in?

3.2. What: Content i.e. Is the information suitable? Is the information credible? How are facts & opinions expressed?

3.3. Where: Scope i.e. Who is the intended audience? Does the website URL look legitimate? e.g. includes .edu for educational purposes, gov for government purposes

3.4. When: Currency i.e. Was the source published recently? Ho current are the sources that the author cites? Are there any broken links?

3.5. Why: Objectivity i.e. Is the information similar to any other sources? Is the information biased or neutral? How much advertising is on the page?

4. How to find credible websites

4.1. How can I tell if a website is credible?