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What is the Gerund? by Mind Map: What is the Gerund?

1. Examples

1.1. Gerund as Subject: Going to parties is fun.

1.2. Gerund as Object: I enjoy reading.

2. Gerund after the following verbs

2.1. admit He admitted having driven too fast.

2.2. avoid They avoid going on holiday on Saturdays.

2.3. consider Ralph is considering buying a new house.

2.4. delay I delayed telling Max the news.

2.5. dislike We dislike reading poems.

2.6. practise She practised playing hockey.

3. Gerund after special phrases

3.1. to be busy He is busy reading the paper.

3.2. don't mind I don't mind telling them my opinion.

3.3. feel like We feel like having a cup of tea.

3.4. it's no use It's no use talking to the headmaster.

3.5. there's no point There's no point in complaining further.

3.6. what about What about going to the zoo?

4. -ing form used as a noun

5. Form infinitive + -ing