Using the Internet responsibly, ethically and safely

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Using the Internet responsibly, ethically and safely by Mind Map: Using the Internet responsibly, ethically and safely

1. Be careful

1.1. Ask your parents before playing any games

1.2. Always use a nickname when playing games

1.3. Never tell anyone online where you live

1.4. It is not a good idea to meet up with people you chat with online

1.5. Always delete emails from people you don't know

1.6. Don't send pictures to strangers

1.7. Be nice to people online

2. Cyberbullying

2.1. Always report bullying online if you see it

2.2. Seek support if you are being bullied online

2.3. Contact the 'Kids Helpline' for support

3. Digital Citizenship

3.1. Use technology to gather information

3.2. Determine if the source is credible

3.3. Respect other's point of view on the internet

3.4. Give the author credit for the work you use

3.5. Respectfully voice your opinion through a technical venue

3.6. Sift through resources you have gathered online

3.7. Stand against cyber bullying

3.8. Use privacy settings

3.9. Utilize proper online etiquette

4. For the Parents

4.1. Seek advice if you are worried about your child's use online

4.2. Talk to your children about it

4.3. Encourage internet safety at a young age

4.4. Teach your children where to go for support

4.5. Respect their privacy but keep updated in what they are doing, the websites they log into and what content they are looking at