Using the internet responsibly, ethically and safely

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Using the internet responsibly, ethically and safely by Mind Map: Using the internet responsibly, ethically and safely

1. If your online and someone adds you that you don't know, block them.

2. Stranger danger

3. When chatting to people online don't give out any personal information

4. Stay in control

5. Cuber bullying

6. Make the right choices

7. Use

7.1. Technology to gather information, communicate, or juts to have fun

8. Engage

8.1. In the world through social media.

9. Respect

9.1. Others' point of view on the internet. Accept what they say as meaningful and then explain why you disagree

10. Give

10.1. The author credit for the work you use,

11. Voice

11.1. Respectfully voice your opinion through a technological venue.

12. Seek

12.1. Find different voiced and points of view on a topic

13. Research

13.1. A topic using all kinds of words

14. Master

14.1. The use of computer, mobile, and other types of technology

15. Participate

15.1. In other cultures through the internet

16. Identify

16.1. Be able to identify internet scams and spams

17. Use

17.1. Caution when talking to people you don't know

18. Set

18.1. Use privacy settings

18.1.1. Maintain your privacy. Do not share personal information.

19. Limit

19.1. Your time setting. Move around. Don't forget to exercise

20. Access

20.1. Only use the technology when you're supposed to.