Using the Internet Responsibly, Ethically and Safely

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Using the Internet Responsibly, Ethically and Safely by Mind Map: Using the Internet Responsibly, Ethically and Safely

1. website is split into categories with advice for 5-7-year-olds, 8-10-year-olds, 11-13 and 14+ as well as resources for carers and teachers.

1.1. Use this if you are still concerned or want to learnt more!

2. Don't open your computer to scams or viruses

3. Stand up against cyber bullying!

4. Any pictures submitted online cannot be taken back

5. Reference your work!

6. Recognise what is intellectual property

7. Apply digital information security practices

8. Apply personal security protocols

9. Know and understand that ICT impacts society!

10. Don't give out personal information about yourself

10.1. Keep your personal information personal and private!

10.2. Don’t share personal stuff online like your full name, address or phone number

10.3. Someone could try to use this information to find you. Choose a fun nickname instead!

11. Only talk to people you know

11.1. When using social media or online messaging, make your profile private and only add your friends in real life

11.2. Talk to your parents first before you chat with people you don’t know.

12. Think carefully before you press send

12.1. You can get in trouble if you bully someone or talk about hurting them

13. Watch what you buy online

13.1. Some stuff on the internet needs money like playing games or shopping. Always ask your parents before spending money online!

14. Talk to an adult if you feel worried

14.1. Some things on the internet might make us feel scared or confused

14.1.1. Always talk to a parent or an adult you trust if you are worried about something online