Using the internet responsibly, ethically and safely

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Using the internet responsibly, ethically and safely by Mind Map: Using the internet responsibly, ethically and safely

1. Be responsible

2. Be ethical

3. Be safe

4. Make sure family members understand how to behave online

5. Let children know they should only interact with people they know and trust in real life

6. Be friendly online

7. familiarising yourself with the apps they have downloaded

8. If you approve a site, do your research to ensure it's safe and trustworthy

9. important for you and your kids to be aware of the dangers.

10. We need to inform students about plagiarism and copyright infringement

11. Inform children unfortunately, there are also predators, identity thieves, and others online who may try to harm you.

12. Cannot believe everything you read

13. Class discussion or small group conferences on brainstorming keywords, considering synonyms, generating questions

14. Use your best guess with spelling (Google will often understand)

15. There’s lots you can learn about Google searches.

16. Look beyond the first few results

17. Point out the anatomy of a Google search result and ensure students know what all the components mean.

18. Teach students how to look for the search box on a webpage or use Control F (Command F on Mac) to bring up a search box that can scan the page.

19. Being able to research effectively is an essential skill for everyone

20. Use quotation marks