The Internet and Effective Internet Searching

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The Internet and Effective Internet Searching by Mind Map: The Internet and Effective Internet Searching

1. Five tips to help your students research and filter information



1.3. DEVLE


1.5. CITE

2. Use Google to search within a site

3. Find words within a Web address

4. Use more than one search engine

5. Be specific

5.1. Use quotes to locate a specific phrase

6. Once you've found a good cite, look for similar cites!

7. NETS: Narrow, Exact, Trim, Similar

7.1. Start Narrow!

7.2. Use Exact Phrases

7.3. Trim the URL

7.4. Seek Similar Pages

8. Be Critical in evaluation of information

9. Best Search Engines for Kids:

9.1. KidRex

9.2. Kiddle

9.3. Kid's Search

9.4. KidsClick!

10. Remember that not all the information in websites returned in searches is reliable

10.1. Look in books, ask people who might know, and look up at least three other websites to check your info

11. Be clear in your online searches!

11.1. Try to use more than one word to describe what you are searching for

11.2. E.g. If you are searching for info on the planet Mercury, entering 'planet mercury' into the search box will better results than just entering 'mercury'

12. Take care to spell correctly when typing in a search. Even a small typing error can bring up unwanted results.