Effective Internet Searching

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Effective Internet Searching by Mind Map: Effective Internet Searching

1. 1. Clarify

1.1. Take a moment to check what information you need to search for

2. 2. Search

2.1. Use relevant and key words in your search

3. 3. Delve

3.1. Do not just click the few items that come up, as some engines get paid to put certain sites first

4. 4. Evaluate

4.1. Look through what the site tells and make sure it is backed up by other sites

5. 5. Cite

5.1. Do not copy word for word from websites and once you've put something from a site down, make sure you tell people where you go it from

6. 6. Use command F or control F to find specific things on websites

7. 7. Use quotation marks to search for whole terms

7.1. Eg "Rainy days"

8. 8. Be specific

9. 9. Do not believe everything you read

10. 10. Use synonyms of word to find a variety of sites