Mise-en-scene Ideas

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Mise-en-scene Ideas by Mind Map: Mise-en-scene Ideas

1. Make-up, Costume and Hair

1.1. Natural makeup so artist is relatable to audience

1.2. Clothing link between characters, to represent them as a pair. This may be through colour, material or accessories

1.3. Mixture of hair up and hair down so artist is relatable

2. Guidelines

2.1. Anything goes!

2.2. No criticism or flaming allowed

2.3. The Wilder The Better

2.4. Quantity is Quality

2.5. Set a Time Limit

3. Positioning within the frame

3.1. artist positioned centrally within frames so audience know she is the star

3.2. artist placed at eye-level so that they are relatable

3.3. Artist and love interest are positioned close together in frames so it is clear to the audience their relationship

4. Setting and Props

4.1. Boardgames

4.2. Toys

4.3. Apples

4.4. City/Urban

4.4.1. London Camden God's Own Junkyard London Eye

4.5. Parks / Play Areas

4.5.1. Regent's Park

4.5.2. Greenwich

4.6. Water / Rivers / Beach

4.6.1. Southend

4.6.2. London Bridge / Thames

5. Lighting and Colour

5.1. High key lighting for dreamy, romantic atmosphere and happiness

5.2. Pastel tones to suggest youthful innocence

5.3. Saturated colour to emphasise imagination and wonder for childhood

6. Facial Expressions and Body Language

6.1. Lots of smiles to emphasise relationship between characters, happiness of whole video

6.2. Close body language to highlight the life-long friendship between characters