What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. Conclusion:

1.1. Technology is very helpful to complete our daily lives tasks. It helps to simplify our daily lives. We use technology in every aspect of life like: for transportation, communication, education, manufacturing and business etc. Technology is improving day by day according to our needs and demands. There are different technology tools develop which become very useful in every field.

2. What i think before?

2.1. (Behera, 2017) Laptops

2.2. (Bridgwater, 2016) Refrigerators

2.3. (Golby, N.a) Helps to connect people to their near and dear ones which lives far away from them

3. What i learnt from course material?

3.1. Two components of technology:

3.1.1. 1.Physical Components Tooling Equipments Blueprints Techniques Processes

3.1.2. 2. Informational Components: Management Marketing Production Quality Control Skilled Labour

3.2. Technology is similar to “Art”, isn’t an appallingly simple word to characterize. Technology is not just the cell phone or laptop. When we utilize these bits of equipment we are taking part in something significantly greater than ourselves, something that influences us individually and socially (Dyer, 2009).

3.3. Technology is important part of our daily life. Technology make kitchen work easier with the help of latest technology devices like: appliances, refrigerators, kitchen’s furnishing’s etc. It became easy to cook a food and within lesser time (Friedel, 2002).

4. How has my definition changed?

4.1. Use of technology in the field of Education: 1). Promote independent learning for students. 2). Easy access to information. 3). Exciting ways to educate students. 4). Prepare students for future. (Mir, 2016)

4.2. Technology in workPlace: (Pari-an, 2016)

4.3. 1). Technology is collection of different techniques. 2). Technology become very useful in business also, employees use technology tools to communicate with different location like text messages and Skype call to exchange information between different locations (Ramey, 2013).

5. Referances

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6. My Creative Aspect

6.1. Why I choose this?

6.1.1. 1). It helps me to explain all my discussion points in creative way. I never use mind-map tool. So i found it very interesting. It is very easy to use.

6.1.2. It helps me to organise my thoughts visually.

6.2. How its work?

6.2.1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQxxl3TZYKE