training and brain development from learning

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training and brain development from learning by Mind Map: training and brain development from learning

1. Brain Training

1.1. neural tube

1.1.1. Start development Brainstem Spinal cord

1.1.2. Brain modifications give way to Various brain areas Brain Hemispheres

2. Phases of Cerebral Maturation

2.1. Neuronal multiplication

2.1.1. Week 10-14

2.1.2. Young neurons multiply

2.1.3. Forming 90 thousand new neurons

2.2. Migration and Organization of Cellular Architecture

2.2.1. Neurons formed

2.2.2. Migraine

2.2.3. different brain areas

2.3. Synapses

2.3.1. Located the neurons

2.3.2. Begin to connect

2.3.3. To pass information between them

2.4. Myelinization

2.4.1. Synaptic connections

2.4.2. nerve impulses

2.4.3. The myelin covers the wires of this connection

2.4.4. Protect to avoid short circuit Example: avoid convulsions

2.5. Neurotransmitters

2.5.1. Substances Facilitate information step Dopamine Serotonin

3. Genetics

3.1. modification of brain structures

3.1.1. Genetically determined

3.2. Birth

3.2.1. Influence relations with the environment

3.3. Lost

3.3.1. Unused synaptic connections

3.4. Critical Period

3.4.1. Brain Plasticity Sensitive period stimulation learning greater synaptic connection

4. Learning

4.1. Cry and Calm Down

4.1.1. Brain birth ready for interaction with the environment

4.1.2. Parents and caregivers

4.1.3. Dependence phase

4.1.4. Autonomy phase It is acquired with age

4.2. Emotions and Feelings

4.2.1. Imitation Phase neuron mirror

4.2.2. Understanding Phase understands the emotional state of him and the other

5. Brain Parts

5.1. Amygdala

5.1.1. Located in the temporal lobe

5.1.2. Responsible of Emotions Hunger stimuli insecurity and anxiety

5.2. Hypothalamus

5.2.1. Responsible of Anxiety Stimulates adrenal glands Releases hormones

6. Preparation for the future

6.1. skill development

6.1.1. Phases 1 year for themselves with help 2 years are fed without help Later they dress alone the acquisition of these skills is gradually given is directly related to autonomy

6.1.2. Relationship with school Acquisition of skills Learning Cognitive Establishment of routines Face frustrations

6.1.3. Brain Connections They are registered in the brain All the skills and abilities acquired example