Mariella's class

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Mariella's class by Mind Map: Mariella's class

1. 3rd and 4th grade

1.1. I was so sad when I found out I was going to be homeschooled for 5th

2. Banchini that didn't fit my legs

2.1. the little seat that always flipped up and scratched my legs

3. The big glass windows

3.1. Watching everyone else at recreo

3.2. Drawing on them when Mariella wasn't looking

4. snacks for 1,000 lira

4.1. Switching to the Euro

4.1.1. INFINITE work with decimals Ciascuno con suo colore

4.1.2. The creepy euro flower float Carnevale in filastrocca Monsters Inc

4.2. Tom stealing Rachele's snack

4.2.1. Big, brown chair

5. Voce del verbo essere...

5.1. My love of grammar was born

5.2. Quando la terra comincia dormire

6. Chi sa, chi sa, Miss Mamma chi sara?

6.1. I really wanted to be a mamma

6.2. wearing Mariella's mom's dress

6.3. I cuori che portavano i bambini dello secondo elementare

6.4. le recite


7.1. the time I slapped Alessio for talking

8. My 10th birthday party

8.1. Ladybug cakes

8.2. Vaun came to class

8.3. I was wearing my uniform

9. Terra cotta wreaths

9.1. Mine was the biggest

9.1.1. Casa vs. cassa

9.2. my ornament box

9.2.1. The butterfly that Mariella gave me