My top 2 teacher beliefs

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My top 2 teacher beliefs by Mind Map: My top 2 teacher beliefs

1. 1. Knowledge is more important than test score

2. 2. Learning should be fun

3. In a creative way we make we make students love what we teach them.

4. We should make class enjoyable for the students.

5. We will then have students exited to go to school, especially for those who think school is boring.

6. Creativity will also make a teacher be open to new ideas and new ways to do things.

7. Learning new things is hard. But in a creative way we can make the students understand.

8. The students will also talk with others what they learn.

9. Because some students can sense more if they see, touch, hear, smell ect. what you teach them.

10. It can also faster their learning.

11. Especially if they work in a team, they learn from each other.

12. Knowledge is power

13. Focusing only on the test make no sense because you won't understand the subject.

14. Knowledge lead to learning from each other.

15. Knowledge leads to succes

16. score good for the test.

17. You have more students graduating

18. More students graduating

19. Knowledge will turn into action

20. Good Job, Salary