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1. What I think about technology?

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2. What I learnt from course content?

2.1. Technology is combination of two Greek words, “techne” and “logos”. Techne is art, craft or method and logos is principle of reason, ratio, account or balance

2.2. Technology is kind of bag of tricks that is change every then and now but helps to live easily. It is a power for countries which are developing and are already developed.

3. How my definition has changed?

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3.3. In our everyday life, all equipment that are designed with the help of scientific knowledge like computers, refrigerators, iron, television etc all are technology. Technology has different types like medical, Industrial, electronic, mechanical etc

3.4. We use technology for communicating each other from far places, transportation is also another gift from technology. In businesses, data about employees, products, or employer is secured with the help of technology.

3.5. Another thing is that technology has made businesses competitive with each other to produce better technology from others and providing it to people easily using technology.

4. References

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5. Creative aspect

5.1. Why I choose it?

5.1.1. 1. It is easier way to present your mind.

5.1.2. 2. Working with mindmeister is like a game.

5.1.3. Presentation of thoughts get interesting.

5.2. How Mindmeister works?

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6. Conclusion

6.1. Technology is new ways and gadgets invented to help humans with physical work. Today we have lots of gadgets to help in different things like constructing buildings easily and in faster way.

6.2. A best thing of technology is the gadgets that are invented to help disable people. Technology had filled a confidence in disabled and they are independent to do what they want without depending on others.