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Eris' Rumors by Mind Map: Eris' Rumors
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Eris' Rumors

She's a spider-council

and has an army of sorrow-spiders

and she gave her eyes to the spiders to become their queen

and all the silk in her shop is fresh spider-silk

Ergo, she does whatever a spider can.

She's Jack-of-Smiles

seriously, she owns tons of knives.

if she's died as many times as they say she has...

she's the /Vake/!

She's Jack's "core" body; if she really dies, he can't come back.

She's got a /tomb-colonist/ for a lover!

And an /actress/!

And who do you think made him that way?

Several, actually. Put them all together and you get one fully-functioning body, see?

And a very boring, ordinary Anxious Detective. So what's wrong with /him/?

And a delightful Italian Epicene - who's surprised, though?

Also the Mute Naturalist - how they get on well enough to be lovers is anyone's guess.

And the Grinning Revenger, which is something that most others choose not to think about

Also the Bespectacled Folklorist - it's said that they fell in love after a night of torture

She locks herself in her shops to build something...what is she building in there?

She's not building anything - just drinking a lot.

I heard it had somewhat to do with the Correspondence

A playhouse for the children.

She's got a callous disregard for life

She's murdered someone!

Her own most of all.

She's in the 'Neath because...

She had someone particular to kill

She regretted a murder enough to board the slow boat to reverse it -- of course she learned it doesn't work that way

She was preparing the way for her sister's arrival

She's mad as a hatter...

She /is/ a hatter.

She sold her sanity to Mr Mirrors.

...and loves it.

There's a fighting ring beneath her floorboards

And she always takes the winner to bed

And she's always the winner

She drinks like a /fish/!

Fish don't drink blood ...

And eats like a jaguar!

She's actually a very nice lady

you're kidding, right?

all those 'cookies' and chocolate!

She makes dresses for orphans.