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Control by Mind Map: Control

1. The control is carried out on the basis of monitoring the behavior of the controlled system in order to ensure the optimal functioning of the latter (measuring the results achieved and correlating them with the expected results). Based on the control data, the system is adapted, that is, the adoption of optimizing management decisions.

2. Control is understood as a system for monitoring and verifying the process of functioning and the actual state of a managed object, implemented with the following objectives:

2.1. 1. Evaluation of the validity and effectiveness of management decisions taken.

2.2. 2. Evaluation of the results of implementation of these decisions.

2.3. 3. Identification of deviations in the functioning of the object: a.ot adopted decisions, b.of established rules and regulations.

2.4. 4. Development of measures to overcome identified deviations.

2.5. 5. Development of measures to adjust management processes to prevent destructive deviations.

2.6. 6. Elimination of obstacles for optimal functioning of the object.

2.7. 6. Elimination of obstacles for optimal functioning of the object.

2.8. Thus, control is a process that ensures that the system achieves the set goals by comparing the actual state of the system with the desired one.

3. Control (as well as any stage of management) is characterized by the following elements:

3.1. 1. The subject of control is the one who exercises control

3.2. 2. subject of decision-making on the results of control

3.3. 3. The object of control is that which is subject to control

3.4. 4. subject of control - a set of questions and criteria, according to which control is organized

3.5. 5. Purpose of control

3.6. 6. Control tasks

3.7. 7. principles of control

3.8. 8. Methods of control

3.9. 9. Control technology

3.10. 10.process of control

4. Important aspects of control

4.1. To understand the essence of control, it is necessary to distinguish a number of aspects:мм

4.1.1. - Control is one of the processes that ensures that the system achieves the set goals. In order for control processes to be implemented, it is necessary that the following management processes (management elements) be organized in the system - Establishment of standards for the operation of the system to be verified - adjustment of management processes, if the achieved results differ significantly from the established standards.

4.1.2. - Control is aimed at preventing the problem from escalating (deviation of the actual state of the system (object) from the specified one).

4.1.3. - The most important component of control is feedback.

4.1.4. - The control should not be excessive, since insignificant deviations of the actual state of the object (the controlled system) from the given one, triggering the control mechanisms, make this system uneconomical. It is also important to take into account that excessive control can reorient the elements of the managed system from the achievement of the set goals to meet the control requirements.

5. by Ilyasov Nugman