Sleep, emotionality and well being

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Sleep, emotionality and well being by Mind Map: Sleep, emotionality and well being

1. Gruber: Interplay sleep and emotion

1.1. Sleep and emotion regulation

1.1.1. homeostatic process

1.1.2. circadian sleep process

1.2. Sleep and related neural activity

1.3. Executive function and emotion regulation

1.3.1. interrelated processes

1.4. interplay between sleep and mood

1.4.1. Chronotype Evenigness Morningness

2. link between sleep and psychological health

2.1. --> Emotion regulation

2.2. consequences of inadequate or disrupted sleep = sleep loss

2.3. Emotion & Affect & Mood

2.4. Neurobiological base of sleep & emotion

2.4.1. brain structures

2.4.2. Types of sleep

2.4.3. Sleep to forget, sleep to remember model

2.4.4. Competing Model

2.4.5. Emotion generation vs regulation

2.5. The Five Processes

2.5.1. Situation selection

2.5.2. Sitation modification

2.5.3. Attentional Deployment

2.5.4. Cognitive Change

2.5.5. Response Modulation

2.6. Extended model of emotion regulation by gross

3. Tempesta: Sleep and emotion regulation

3.1. Sleep and emotional memory processing

3.1.1. Sleep loss and emotional memory encoding

3.1.2. Sleep loss and emotional memory consolidation

3.2. Sleep loss and emotional reactivity

3.3. Sleep loss and facial emotional cues identification

3.4. Sleep loss and empathy

3.5. Sleep, fear and extinction memory

3.6. Sleep, threat generalization and extinction generalization

3.7. REM sleep and emotions

3.7.1. Sleep to remember, sleep to forget model

3.7.2. REM sleep emotion recalibration model

3.8. Sleep and emotion in the brain

3.8.1. increased amygdala activity

3.8.2. loss of functional connectivity between amygdala and mPFC

3.8.3. increased connectivity between the amygdala and autonomic-activating brainstem areas

3.8.4. Conclusion: hyper-limbic response to aversive stimuli +dysfunctional pattern of connectivity between the amygdala and mPFC(failure of top-down prefrontal control over emotional areas)