Pre-Assessment and Tracking

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Pre-Assessment and Tracking by Mind Map: Pre-Assessment and Tracking

1. Group 1 - students know info well - have firm grasp

1.1. Differentiate with real world problems that apply to this unit. Have the 5 students work together on several real world applied projects that go with this unit.

2. Group 2 - students know some info - need firmer grasp

2.1. Differentiate with scaffolding more information to help them with their understanding. Similar problems with fewer steps to help them along in their mastery of the unit.

3. Group 3 - students have limited knowledge of subject - learning difficulties

3.1. Differentiate with lower reading level or put on an ipad that will read the problems to the students. Have an organizer that will help order the problem for them in understandable steps. Use fewer steps to help with understanding or have some steps already done for them.

3.2. Assessment - Individualized assessment for the students identified as possibly having special needs.

4. Assessment for all groups - Exit ticket that ensures understanding of the topics worked on that class period. Group conferences during class to make sure all students are working toward a better understanding of the unit. Have each student write a problem for this unit and exchange with someone else in their group to solve - allows me to know if they grasp the concepts well enough to put together their own problem and solve one from their peer.