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WEB 2.0 by Mind Map: WEB 2.0

1. New way of Express/Business

1.1. With so many people connected to social networking platforms, it opens the new path to do business. People got the OPEN platform where they can express their opinion to the world

2. Mobile Apps

2.1. Mobile apps of different social media services made this platform easily accessible. With a specific app, this services became more intelligent and useful


3.1. New technologies and innovation made mobile devices powerful and enable people to connect and access information anywhere, anytime

4. More use of Internet

4.1. With the emergence of WEB 2.0 more and more people came on the Internet

5. Social Media

5.1. New tools have been developed to connect and share information on Web i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Whatsapp. Enable people to share information in many formats not only with Text i.e. Videos, Pictures, GIF etc

6. Over Engagement to Social Media

6.1. Easy availability of these platforms people more engaged to them even at Workplace and at the time of the meal

7. Too much for Virtual World

7.1. As per the Studies Teen in now days spend a large portion of the day for different activity on Social Platforms

8. Anixity

8.1. Too much use of Social media makes us to constantly checking for notification and updates even if there is none

9. Very few moments for REAL people

9.1. Too much attachment with people on digital platform puts as almost no real world connection with real people and no face-face conversation

10. Imbalanced Social Health

10.1. Digital world support for balanced in Social Health is so negligible

11. Conclusion :

11.1. Is it now the time to put away our phones and engage with real people around us

11.2. We need to examine our technology use to ensure that it isn't getting in the way of our being sociable

11.3. We need to learn to check in less often and seek out face-to-face contact more often.

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