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Marketplace by Mind Map: Marketplace

1. Merchant

1.1. Review

1.1.1. VEON-14351

1.1.2. Can be written only by users who have bought from this merchant VEON-14348

1.2. Merchant cabinet

1.2.1. User roles VEON-14349

1.2.2. Manage pick up points VEON-14297

1.2.3. Login & password creation VEON-14302

1.2.4. Upload logo VEON-14300

1.2.5. Order management system VEON-14299

1.2.6. Reports VEON-14295

1.2.7. Upload products file VEON-14293

2. Customer

2.1. My reviews

2.1.1. VEON-14351

3. Product page

3.1. Merchants

3.1.1. Sorting merchants list by rating VEON-14345

3.2. Separate price each combination of product + merchant

4. Smart search

4.1. VEON-14343

5. Multibasket / split basket

5.1. Split basket to multiple ones if delivery / payment methods do not match

5.1.1. VEON-14340

6. Payment methods

6.1. Microloans

6.1.1. VEON-14318

6.2. Phone balance (Woopay)

6.2.1. VEON-14317

6.3. Payment types compatibility with merchants

6.3.1. VEON-14315

7. Questions

7.1. Requirements

7.1.1. VEON-14301

7.2. Questions

7.2.1. How stock availabity in each pickup point is detemined?

7.2.2. Which delivery options should be supported? How marketplace identifies which options to show?

7.2.3. Is order always placed on marketplace website? Or there can be merchants for which click on 'buy'/'add to basket' should lead to their website?

7.2.4. How does order lifecycle works like? Do merchants specify in our system (automatically or through admin panel) updated statuses of orders?

7.2.5. Who's responsible for managing content of products? (e.g. smartphone images, descriptions, etc.)

7.2.6. How info about the same model, size, color, etc. is merged into a single product with multiple options?

7.2.7. How does online payment work? How's responsible for distributing money got from online payments to merchants - online payment gateway? Beeline? Or maybe each partner has its own online payment page?

8. Products sync

8.1. Sync via xml, xlsx, yml. Protocols: https, FTP

8.1.1. VEON-14296

8.1.2. VEON-14294

8.1.3. VEON-14293

8.2. Each combination of product + merchant has own price

8.3. Flag in stock / out of stock

8.3.1. Can be not on merchant level but on merchant + pickup point level

9. Delivery methods

9.1. There can be multiple delivery options per merchant

9.2. Merchant can set up until which time of day the order should be place to be delivered on the same day (+ depending on day of week).