Islamophobia and the Media

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Islamophobia and the Media by Mind Map: Islamophobia and the Media

1. The News

1.1. Choice of Stories- sensationalizing negative ones

1.1.1. Dangerous, "other", and violent

1.2. Lack of diversity- limited Muslim guests

1.2.1. Westerners explaining for Muslims, not Muslims themselves

1.3. Role as credible source of information

1.4. Role in perpetuating stereotypes- focuses on negative

1.5. One of only facets of information regarding Muslims for people

1.5.1. Many do not personally know Muslims

1.6. Actions during a hot crisis

1.6.1. Actually combat Islamophobia by fact checking government

2. Television and movies

2.1. Politicization of TV and movies

2.2. Muslims having an increased amount of roles post 9/11

2.3. 'dangerous' muslim and terrorist plot lines

2.3.1. Trope: Terrorist Muslim offset by good Muslim fighting him Still, oftentimes there is only terrorist Muslim portrayal

2.4. TV's role as fictional vs Media's credibility

2.4.1. Still one of the few sources of information for people

2.5. Attempts at positive portrayal

2.5.1. "muslims like us"- depicted as having same values as the rest of America

2.5.2. Limited

3. Social Media

3.1. Depiction as a homogenous group

3.1.1. Formation of Muslim communities on social media

3.2. Used by politicians- Islamophobic rhetoric

3.3. New avenue for interaction between Muslims and non Muslims

3.4. Creation of Hate groups

3.4.1. Rise in online harrassment

3.5. Role as outside the traditional mass media

3.5.1. everyday discourses

3.6. Perceptions of women

3.7. Role of fake news in perpetuating stereotypes through sensationalized, false stories